Rohan Gerrard

Beach Please

UX + Interaction Design

The Brief

With a team of 4 in just 48 hours, Ripcurl and Adobe set forth a challenge to create a prototype for an app that addresses, educates and engages users on the issue of coastal sustainability.

This brief was part of a national creative jam competition in ux design facilitated by Adobe.

The Solution

The solution we devised for this brief was creating a gamified app to raise awareness about the importance of coastal sustainability and some of the strategies that can be used, or actions that can be taken by beach visitors to limit their negative impact on the environment. Once users complete the game element, they can choose to make a pledge on social media that they will respect the environment of the coast and encourage their friends to play the game and do the same.





Rohan Gerrard
Jessie Newton
Eleisha Kubale
Jasmin Hinss



Adobe XD Interactive Mobile Prototype



3 Days


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