Rohan Gerrard


System + Service Design

The Brief

The brief for this project was to design a service that will improve sustainability at Swinburne around the topic of sustenance. Identifying, analysing, ideating and testing the various processes, activities and user experiences to create a solution for, how we create an exciting, vibrant, inclusive and, above all, sustainable campus at Swinburne University?

The overall intent is to engage in design thinking and the application of system and service methods and processes with the aim of creating socially and environmentally sustainable outcomes that address the topic of Sustenance.

The Solution

Our solution to creating a more sustainable Swinburne was Swinstainability, an accreditation program for local small businesses on and around campus, allowing them to understand how sustainable they are, and creating transparency for their customers about the sustainable practices they have in place.

The system is designed to empower and educate consumers to make better, more informed choices, and empower businesses to improve their practices. The Swinstainability accreditation program is built off the UN Sustainability Goals and the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) model commonly used by businesses to communicate their business practices in a clear, consistent and comporable format for investors or prospective investors. By using this model all businesses are on a level playing field and are recognised for the things they are already doing and can easily see what areas they can focus on to continually improve and become more sustainable, also improving their business outcomes.


Outlining the problem and the system it is situated within

How might we empower people to make sustainable choices by making sustainable business practices accessible and convenient?

How Might We

Modelling the system design for the accreditation program from both a consumer and business perspective

Criteria, and factors to evaluate as part of accreditation using the ESG model as a foundation to build the program upon

Feedback and data collected by Boroondara Council on current local business sustainability practices

Final Service Design Blueprint


Swinburne University of Technology



Rohan Gerrard
Beau Maher
Georgia Quinn
Jack Vulich



Service Design Blueprint
App Prototype
System Design Proposal



12 Weeks

Swinstainability App Prototype

Business Accreditation Info Pack

Accreditation Display Sticker

Accreditation Display Sticker Mockup