Rohan Gerrard

The Blob Game

Interactive Multiplayer City Activation/Game (MV Arcade)

The Blob Game is a conceptual design solution for MV Arcade, an interactive, playable installation in the city of Melbourne created to bring people together in a post COVID-19 world and encourage positive social interaction through safe and socially distanced play.

Design Solution

The blob game focuses on enabling fun and social play with simple to follow game play formats and rules, which keep the game as open and accessible to all people as possible.

The game is played by moving throughout the play area and collecting your blobs ‘power pellets’ which appear on screen in a matching colour in order to increase your blobs size, with the ultimate goal of becoming the biggest blob.

Low Fidelity Prototype

User Research

Augmented Reality Design Solution Presentation


City of Melbourne
SAGE Automation



Rohan Gerrard
Beau Maher
Laura Ferris
Britney Monacella



Concept Videos
Conceptual Design Report
Interaction Design
Gameplay Mechanics
Inclusive/Universal Design Considerations
Low Fidelity Prototype
High Fidelity Interactive Prototype
Promotional Poster



8 Weeks

Interaction Modelling

Blobs Shrinking

Blobs Growing

Proximity Interactions

Entry and Exit

Final Implementation

(Delivered by SAGE Automation)

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